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Find unique experiences in the mid-west of Brazil


Discover one of the most exuberant and diverse nature reserves on the planet. Unforgettable landscapes, surprises and the incredible experience of coming face to face with animals in their natural habitat. And be sure to discover the richness of the Pantanal culture, experiencing the simplicity and magic of life in harmony with nature.

Path of the Ipês

In the heart of Mato Grosso do Sul is our capital, Campo Grande. And in its surroundings, many adventure and contemplation destinations to be explored. A mandatory stop for those who want to enjoy the practicality of a big city, while still enjoying a lot of adventure, history and nature.


Bonito/Serra da Bodoquena

Be sure to discover one of the best ecotourism and adventure destinations in the world. The perfect combination of adventure and contemplation, gastronomy and culture, and between you and an unforgettable trip. Be enchanted by the surrounding nature and admire ecological tourism committed to the preservation of all this wealth.

Dois destinos em uma só viagem


The exotic mixture between Pantanal and Cerrado pleases the most varied types of openers. Birdwatching, trails with cave paintings, canons and many adventure activities fazem dessas regions or perfect terrain for born explorers.

More MS Destinations

Mato Grosso do Sul has beauties everywhere. Each region has a special charm, a unique experience, an original dish, a sunset never seen before. Discover them all and increase your collection of special sights, packing unique moments and many travel surprises!

Explosão de Sabores


A state that is home to many people could only have a very diversified gastronomy. Discover the traditional pantaneira cuisine, the frontier recipes or the iguarias that I saw long ago and found around here. Mato Grosso do Sul will surprise or unravel your palate, giving a special flavor to your trip.


Whether in the Paraguai River or Paraná River basin, in Mato Grosso do Sul, river trailblazers are at home. The most beautiful and impressive species of fish, breathtaking landscapes, infrastructure and comfort. A catch and release destination to enjoy with friends, explore with the kids, or relax.



Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the best places in the world to observe and photograph birds and wild animals. Learn more about these wonders here.

Cerrado Pantanal

The exotic mixture between Pantanal and Cerrado pleases the most varied types of trailblazers. Bird watching, trails with cave paintings, canyons and many adventure activities make these regions the perfect terrain for natural trailblazers.

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