Discover one of the most exuberant and diverse nature reserves on the planet. Unforgettable landscapes, surprises and the incredible experience of coming face to face with animals in their natural habitat. And be sure to discover the richness of the Pantanal culture, experiencing the simplicity and magic of life in harmony with nature.


The Pantanal is a true paradise for those who love experiencing nature. Mato Grosso do Sul is home to 67% of the largest floodplain in the world, which due to the Water Cycle provides us with periods of Flood, Low and Dry.

The Flood generally occurs from December to March, coinciding with our summer, which is very rainy. This is the period when vegetation is renewed, fish reproduce, animals move away in search of dry land and the landscape produces incredible images of nature. During the flood, river safaris can be longer, reaching regions inaccessible by land, land safaris and horseback riding can take place in water depths, providing a remarkable experience.

The ebb generally occurs from April to July when the rains end and the water begins to drain across the plain, forming several bays and lagoons that end up damming the fish that become true feasts for the birds and other animals that begin to return to the lower parts in search for food. This is the period when the Pantanal receives migratory birds that stop to feed before continuing their journey towards South America.

Drought generally occurs from August to November when the vegetation takes on yellowish tones and the water level drops considerably, being restricted to river channels and permanent lakes. As a result, animals end up concentrating close to waterways in search of food, which makes it easier to observe wildlife.

Remember that the water cycle may vary slightly from one year to the next or there may be years in which one season is more prominent than the other.

The Pantanal offers visitors accommodation and tours at Pousadas Pantaneiras, which can be on century-old farms, jungle hotels or luxury inns, allowing you to receive different public profiles according to your needs.

The Pousadas Pantaneiras are located mainly in the municipalities of Aquidauana, Miranda and Corumbá, and offer breakfast, lunch and dinner included in their daily rates, which provides visitors with a different gastronomic experience, getting to know the typical dishes and flavors of the Pantanal. Tours are also included in the daily rates, and they are focused on contemplating nature.

The main tours offered by Pantanal inns are:

River safaris along the rivers and lakes in the region, which can be carried out in kayaks, aluminum boats or on punts, allowing you to observe nature from a different perspective and access wilder regions.

Land safaris in specialized vehicles that pass along roads and open fields, making it possible to view animals in their natural habitats from a privileged angle with complete safety for tourists and animals. Safaris are carried out during the day and at night looking for nocturnal animals and contemplating the starry sky of the Pantanal, which offers a unique experience for visitors.

Ecological Trails that provide an intense immersion in nature where tourists can feel very close to the natural environment, closely observing native flora, small animals and often medium-sized animals.

Horseback riding through the fields provides interaction with horses, allowing visitors to access different regions that are not possible to reach through land and river safaris.

Artisanal piranha fishing with bamboo poles that bring the thrill of fishing and observing this emblematic fish of the Pantanal up close.

Birdwatching in several Pousadas that offer an exclusive program for this public profile, with specialized guides, different opening hours and access to exclusive areas of the farms that are more conducive to finding different species of birds.

Many Pantaneiras Inns also offer the farm’s rural activities such as tours, allowing visitors to get to know the day-to-day life of the farm by following the treatment of the horses and cattle, milking the cow at dawn, accompanying a small entourage, getting to know the day-to-day life of the Pantanal pedestrian, which is often the first contact tourists have with rural activities.

And the way of life of the Pantanal man is also an attraction for visitors, as the Pantanal culture is very rich and differentiated. The way of thinking about life, dressing and speaking attracts a lot of visitors’ attention, and the cuisine pleases the most diverse tastes, with a wide variety of fruits, homemade cakes and sweets, lots of meat and barbecue, prepared regional fish In many ways, Pantanal cuisine is sure to impress and provide incredible experiences.

Another way to get to know the Pantanal is through Ecotourism Cruises along the Paraguay River, which depart from the city of Corumbá, our Capital of the Pantanal, during the months of November and February. You can enjoy many of the experiences offered by Pousadas Pantaneiras, but aboard luxurious vessels with all the necessary infrastructure and services to meet the most demanding tastes, accessing more distant and wild regions such as the exclusive Serra do Amolar, a mountain range in the middle of the Plain. Pantanal.




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