Founded on September 21, 1778, Corumbá is rich in history and culture. It boasts several urban attractions such as Fort Junqueira; the General Port with its buildings erected from the mid-19th century onwards; centennial squares, monuments, and museums. The Cristo Rei Lookout, atop São Felipe Hill, provides a view of the entire city, the Paraguay River, the border with Bolivia, and the vastness of the Pantanal. Marechal Rondon Avenue, flanked by its famous imperial palm trees planted from the 1920s onwards, also offers a privileged view of the surrounding nature. The border with Bolivia, approximately 5 km from the city center, allows for shopping trips and closer contact with a region rich in culture that leaves indelible marks on the area’s music, arts, and especially gastronomy.

Corumbá is connected to Campo Grande, the capital of the state, by BR-262, covering a distance of approximately 425 km, and it has an International Airport that receives flights from Viracopos Airport



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